Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nokia and AT&t testing out a new handset codenamed "Elvis"

Where are we with rumors of this Nokia EOS, the PureView Lumia said to bring 41-megapixel imaging to Windows Phone? We’ve heard about a relatively compact design, unlike the 808, looking pretty much like the Lumia 920. There was mention of a new Nokia Pro Camera app, a xenon flash, and we’ve heard rumors of a possible launch in early July. Today we get a fresh batch of EOS gossip, including a new codename for the handset.

WPCentral makes a number of claims about the EOS and seems to have a great deal of faith in their accuracy, explaining the info comes from “numerous trusted sources whom we know and who have seen the device.” According to these sources, AT&T is currently testing the phone as codename Elvis.

A lot of what we’ve heard before is confirmed here, like the xenon flash and new camera software. Supposedly, the phone will have a 720p OLED display, 32GB of internal storage, and will be about a millimeter thinner than the 920 (though with a noticeably raised area for the camera). It’s reportedly running WP8 build 10322 and will feature a mode that lets it snap two pictures at once – one high-res and one better suited for sharing. There would be no option for microSD expansion, and while we’re likely to see a number of color options, yellow is mentioned here as one of them.

As for a release, July could still be possible, but we might be looking to something further out into summer. (Pocketnow)

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