Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Jaguar F-Type "club sports" version will be 200Kg lighter ,faster and more track oriented

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe - via MSN Autos
Appealing to the driving habits of many people including Auto-journalists and English Villians ,The Jaguar F-Type R coupe has certainly created its own league in the automotive world .But now ,rumor has it that Jaguar is preparing something much lighter and faster than their already drift crazy 542Bhp Type R coupe .

The recent rumor started because of a statement from Jaguar's F-Type program Director -Russ Varney .

"We have three or four things we are looking at for the next developments of
the F-Type and a lightweight, harder version is a long way up that list,"

Speaking further to Autoexpress , he said that the car , which is rumored to carry a "Club Sports" badge  will be a "couple of hundred kilos" less than the standard coupe , which surely means that the car will be more track oriented with lots of creature comforts sacrificed for more power.Speaking of power , the car's main engine has not been disclosed ,but being the bonkers car it should be , we'd expect it to have something like a nice turbocharged V8 , but Mr Varney thinks otherwise - “You get down to a critical mass of weight savings once we go so far and then we can start downsizing brakes and engines and things. As a powertrain, the V8 is superb but the V6 has its advantages for that style of car, too,”.Although a V8 sounds better on paper and real life ,a turbocharged v6 wouldn't be bad either , and it will certainly be many kilos lighter , overall with the car's massive diet plan and the increased power to weight ratio , this Jag is sure to put some heat on the already burning Porsche fire .

Sources - jalopnik ,Autoexpress

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