Monday, June 2, 2014

Samsung Galaxy W is a 7 inch phone that will cover your face , Literally

Phones are getting massive ,a year ago , the standard screensize was 5" but this year it has increased to a jaw dropping 5.5" ...flagship phones push into the phablet range which was previously occupied by oversize phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series making life hard for people who have tight pockets , small hands or just don't want to lug a mini tablet around. But now , Samsung has pushed beyond that limit by introducing a purpose built phone at 7". Meet the Galaxy W , the phone is basically a oversize phablet . the Galaxy W , like all other galaxies out there has the usual Samsung design language which is now expanded to fit a 720p resolution display which is of a 16:9 aspect ratio . the phone has a 1.2Ghz quadcore processor ,1GB of ram , and 16GB of internal storage ,which is expandable via MicroSd cars . The faux leather back is removable and it accommodates a 3200mAh battery . The phone features a LTE version and it has Android 4.3 out of the box . the cameras on the phone are said to be 8mp for the rear and 2mp for the front . The phone costs $487 in South Korea right now , The phone will hit other countries where it might be a hit or miss because holding something the size of a tablet on your face is surely going to be embarrassing as demonstrated by the guy holding the phone in this stock photo we got .


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