Friday, July 4, 2014

10 year old Nokia handset saves 70 year old hiker ..

Almost all of us agree that smartphones have made our lives a lot different from what it was a few years back , the rapid adaptation of smartphones happened because older "featurephones" were too dumb to do anything other than take calls and send texts , but sometimes , these older  primitive devices can be a lifesaver in a hostile environment where your modern smartphone won't last a day without running out of juice or breaking apart during the fall,well,  this is exactly what happened to Liu Quanming , a 70 year old hiker in Taiwan . The incident took place when Liu lost track of his hiking team and slipped down a mountain into a ravine , his only form of communication with the outside world was with his trusty 10 year old Nokia handset which also survived the drop .The 250 member search and rescue team searched his last seen position and then they decided to triangulate the phone's signal via cellular signal towers , after reaching the site , repetitive calling signaled the exact position of the man and the phone , apparently , Liu suffered only a few superficial scratches and has been admitted to the Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital. The unsung hero of the whole ordeal was the 10 year old Nokia , which managed to keep working after the drop and still work even after 5 days of constant use .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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Source - Ubergizmo

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