Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is Nokia/Microsoft working on a Android power Lumia ?

Nokia has been gaining some ground with their Lumia lineup of smartphones over the past few years , their initial attempts at launching Windows Phone devices fell down to the floor as they failed to anticipate the popularity of Android .Now after Microsoft's acquisition , The company is fully committed to Microsoft , but that does not mean that Nokia is attached  to Windows Phone only , a recent rumor  tells us that Nokia , with Microsoft's blessing , is working on a "Lumia" Branded AOSP Android device , which , unlike the Budget oriented  AOSP Nokia X platform is said to feature high'er end specs . This news comes from a somewhat reliable source called evleaks , as you already know , the Nokia X platform is a Microsoft edited version of Android ,the skinning process replaces Google services with that of Microsoft  , and the only way to remove Microsoft's cloud services , mapping and its app-less app store is to root the device , many buyers usually end up buying a out of the box android which comes with their desired services and apps so Nokia will surely need to re think its strategy if they are to compete in the "higher" end game . but is Microsoft really trying to cannibalize its own Windows Phone devices by adding AOSP devices to their exclusive Lumia lineup , or is it a new strategy to fight fire with fire ? ,no one still knows what the folks at Redmond are cooking , but for now , be sure to keep a open mind about "rumors" .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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source - GSMArena

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