Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rival Knights Game review

Apologies for the delay ,this review was originally written on the 3rd of July ,but we weren't able to publish it due to technical issues .Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Hear ye , Hear ye , Gameloft has introduced a new game for all yer mobile gamers .dubbed Rival Knights , the game is basically jousting for your phone or tablet .The game basically revolves around the super cool Medieval sport of jousting ,at first you are basically playing as a n00b squire who starts from the bottom of the royalty food chain and slowly make your way to the top . The game is pretty simple to understand and you can compete against rival knights online . anything else ...nope , that's it , no death or glory here ,and even if you lose a match , you don't need to go all Ser Gregor Clegane (Game of Thrones) on your horse either , so looks like another fun and enjoyable game from the company that made Asphalt and Modern combat  or is it?

Plot ,Gameplay and Controls .

Start by connecting to wifi first , as this is one of those annoying games that require a internet connection . After that , you can join the tournament by typing your name .as usual , you get visual help tips showing you on how to play while attending your first joust . At start the game offers you 3 power ups which require gems , these gems are quite precious as you dont win them often so chose wisely . The top bar compares your standard performance stats such as armor strength etc , the stats go in favor of the jouster who spent more on buying better equipment . Speed and power (as well as the aiming ) are controlled by the user , the usual 3,2,1 start must be followed by a quick touch in order to get a perfect start , this also has a gear shifting style meter which require you to shift gears  reins (touch the screen) to get a perfect /or good shift .

The users speed will also be a factor in the outcome of the game , so concentrate , or get some touch screen shift training by playing CSR racing . When you do approach your rival , quick and precise fingers are needed to aim the lance at the auto selected target on the opponent's armor , a correct shot results in you dismounting the knight , if you come close , but fail in keeping the lance locked to the target ,
the AI rival will dismount you , which results in you getting a few coins for participation rather than the gems and the 3 number coin bounties , some missions , such as king of the hill ,require you to keep winning without losing , its similar to the bonus if you win 3 in a row on Asphalt 8 . if you lose , you start from square 1 all over again . After completing the first challenger , you are eligible to go all out on your internet friends/foes by taking on AI "shadows" .

Each online mission requires a certain payment in the form of royal seals , a seal is filled up to the inventory  every 5 minutes so no worries on that ,you can also ask your friends on facebook to send you a few seals as gifts . If you want , you can spend a few gems on topping them up instantly ,and this being a freemuim
game , you can spend real money to buy "gems" so you can top it up as well ,But doing so is not really necessary because after playing it for about half an hour , the game starts to get boring .The monotonous  nature of the game and the hundreds of missions on campaign mode will surely make you stop playing it .But this just a general opinion on the game , and it can differ from person to person .

What's Good 

*Free (to some extent) 

*  Graphics are quite nice considering that this is a 200 MB game 

* easy to use controls and commands 

*unique gameplay , i'm sure many Medieval era fans are sure to fall in love with it 

What's Bad 

* In-App purchases

*Game can be monotonous and boring to some

*Requires a internet connection

*minor bugs and some lag


There is no need to deny the fact that this is a really good game . The controls are easy to use , graphics are good but the gameplay might be a mixed bag .The Medieval theme and the arcade style gaming controls will surely make it really appealing .The game is free (off the bat), so people are sure to download it whether they like the theme or not . The game is also on the non-violent side so it can appeal to people of all ages , apart from the annoying requirement to have a internet connection and the in app purchases , the game is surely another good product from the company that gave us Asphalt and Modern combat . 


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