Thursday, August 7, 2014

China bans Apple products from government use

Apple has always been regarded as being safe for work , but the walled garden policy has now come under fire in China as the company ,along with many other non-Chinese tech companies such as Microsoft ,Symantec and Russia's Kaspersky labs have been effectively banned from being used in the Chinese government . Apple is the latest addition to the list , and the main fear comes from the threat of Espionage which have been exposed after "Snowden Effect" that took place last year . Government of China has effectively left out iPad's and Macbooks in its July procurement list . According to China , Apple computers , along with computers running Microsoft's Windows 8 software are said to have backdoors which allow for espionage and therefore both systems have been effectively banned .

China's latest action to boycott Apple products over fear of espionage comes right after Russia's action to replace their iPads with Android tablets after Apple failed to hand over their source-code for analysis .

Source - Bloomberg

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