Thursday, August 7, 2014

evleaks to give up on his leaking business , indiegogo campaign set up to help him

Most of us tech-savy people have  heard about the famous leak website/twitter account called @evleaks , the leak account , manned by the ex-tech blogger Evan Blass has decided to give up on his quest for leaks after he ran into financial problems due a medical condition ( multiple sclerosis ), Evan , who has been responsible for leaking out smartphones , tablets and their specifications in the form of tweets inspired many other leakers during his two year mission . Although he earns some cash from his dedicated website and sponsored articles , the amount is not sufficient for his medication or to give a better life to his family ,and this is not helped by the fact that many tech-savvy users (majority of his visitors) are using ad-block which further reduces his earnings .  Without a steady income  Evan has decided to quit his mission and focus on working on a full-time job with a steady salary bringing the leak saga to a end . The fate of his evleaks website is uncertain , but his @evleaks twitter account will still continue to function as his private account , Evan ,who said that he will not come back out of retirement will certainly be missed by the large tech-savvy crowd following he gained throughout the years , if you feel the need to make a small donation , click the indiegogo link below to add your contribution for the $100,000 goal set by TK news in favor of making a fund-raiser for our tech-leaker .

Indiegogo - Indiegogo/evleaks

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - androidauthority

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