Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nokia Lumia 730 might have a 6.5mp rear camera and a $240 price

Nokia launched their Lumia 720 as a cheap low end device a year ago , the phone , which filled the gap between the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 820 was well made and it had some good features at the time , but now as time flies by , Microsoft has decided that it is time to let Nokia have a update to the device , say hello to the rumored Nokia Lumia 730 , which is said to be a "selfie" phone thanks to its front facing 5mp camera . The phone , like the Lumia 630 , has a Quadcore Snapdragon 400 processor on board with 1GB of RAM , the phone , which is said to have 8Gb of onbard storage will also feature a MicroSD slot and a 6.5mp rear camera with Nokia's optics .The display is said to be of 4.7" 720p resoution will most probably be a IPS pannel rather than Amoled from last year. The phone , which is rumored to sit in the $240 slow will most probably be unveiled along side the Lumia 830 at IFA on the 4th of September

Written by Rakitha for MasHD 

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