Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oneplus asks women to have Oneplus logo on them , gets labeled as sexists

OnePlus has some really weird competitions that involve invites , the invite process , which is basically one of the most annoying things to do if you are a busy person ,requires users to wait for the invite to be mailed to them for a 24 hour purchase window or get /beg for a invite from the community , Oneplus however has some of their company sponsored invites which require users to either "smash the past"  donate the past  or join into set competitions by completing tasks in which the lucky competitor(s) may have a chance to get a invite to purchase the phone ,although this method is very annoying,considering that other manufacturers sell their  phones through physical or web stores
rather than perform  "the hunger games" on  their customers , the latest event , which involves a cold case of sexism is bringing in some bad press for the somewhat shadowy phone company .

Dubbed "Ladies first" the latest event is aimed at female OnePlus fans in the forums , although the ladies first term involves gentlemen giving /assisting ladies in taking part first or given help at a task , the OnePlus version does bring about some of the sexism we see in our tech world today . Oneplus's event  requires female participants to have the Oneplus 1+ logo on their bodies or on a paper they are holding in order to get a free pass at getting the invites before the "gentlemen" , which is somewhat degrading considering that the photos posted by the said women will be ranked/voted according to their beauty by the male audience and the first 50 will receive a free T-Shirt and a invite to buy the Oneplus One (no free phones) . The event however has not gone well for Oneplus as many tech websites and some real women in the OnePlus forums (many of the pictures in the posts are photoshopped by male forum members ) condemn the act as sexist and degrading towards women because , as most of us know , comments from some people usually involve hurting/disgusting thoughts that can victimize a person emotionally , Oneplus' has no comment on this as of yet but they would have never thought about the negative implications this event would cause by the end of the day. The tech industry , which is mostly male is probably the reason why this event turned out to be sexist towards women ,although such behavior can never be avoided ,and also due to the fact that OnePlus listed the event as a open choice , they are not all responsible ,but then again ,a tech company ,which will have buyers from all walks of life should think twice before such competitions that demand posts that will be degrading to a persons dignity  .

Note - The Page has  been removed from the OnePlus forums 

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source -TheVerge

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