Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Samsung's Note 4 with metal frame spotted

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most expected Android devices this year , the phone , which started the phablet(large screen) craze in 2011 is considered to be Samsung's second flagship phone after the S lineup . the Note's main feature - the Waycom stylus aka S-Pen is probably the main reason for the phones popularity and Samsung did score a hit by adding unique software features to it , and now after 3 successful models , Samsung is ready to launch the 4th generation of the Galaxy note on the 3rd of September at IFA -Germany . The device , supposedly leaked out in the form of a full model as we see here represents some design changes that we can actually see in the real model . First off , the MicroUSB 3.0/2.0 port is still located at the bottom of the device , although this is a major eyesore for some , this feature might be useful as time goes , the S-Pen is also visible at the right hand side of the device along the metallic type design . The back of the device features a 16Mp Samsung ISOCELL camera derived from the S5 and a heart rate sensor as well .Other specs of the device include a Snapdragon 805/Exynos Octa  5433 processor , atleast 4GB of RAM , and a 5.7" 2560x1440 resolution Amoled display . The phone will be unveiled at a special event at IFA Berlin along side many other products from Microsoft , Sony and many others so stay up-to date by clicking the "IFA2014" tag below or follow all the news about the Galaxy Note 4 by clicking the "note4" tag .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Androidheadlines

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