Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 settled down at 10 meters under the sea , found 6 weeks later

Sony has been taking pride in developing waterproof phones for the past few years ,although the phones have been given IP ratings to survive for a fixed depth and a fixed time duration , there have been cases where Sony waterproof phones have lasted even longer , and in this case , the phone set a record by staying 10 meters on the seabed for 6 weeks . The phone , which went down to the Davy Jones locker after it flipped off a jetski was left to fend for it self as swimming down to 10 meters without scuba apparatus can be deadly , later on , a friend of the said Swedish man who lost the device came to his aid with scuba gear and recovered the phone ,the Z2 ,which is covered by two panes of glass is prone to cracking , but in this case , only the rear panel has a spiderweb crash , which is possibly from it sinking into the bottom of the sea . .The phone's battery was discharged over its 6 week period and the rescuers quickly connected it to charger ,the phones LED indicator showed signs of life and the device was later powered on after a good charge , the device is said be in working order and it also contained some of the photos he took with it before it went down ,the phone's owner is not interested in repairing the device as it gives a memento about the incident .
Although other incidents involving Nokia's and iPhones being dropped to freshwater lakes  , this case is unique because the phone was dropped in Sea water , which is highly corrosive to electronics and turned out to be in serviceable condition even though the device far exceeded its design limitations

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source -Xperiablog

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