Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Xiaomi makes cloud messaging optional after privacy issues were detected

Xiaomi has recently enjoyed a lot of enthusiasm in the global market , the Chinese manufacturer , which is now the 5th largest OEM in the world , is responsible for best sellers like the Mi3 and the Redmi Note , which made up most of Xiaomi's foreign sales , but now , it turns out that Xiaomi's MIUI interface , which runs on -top of Android is making some users feel uneasy after it introduced a cloud texting service , which is similar to Apple's iCloud . The service comes as default and now it is basically making many people feel worried after the service is known to have privacy issues where details about the phones IMEI , contacts , messages , phone numbers and other data are stored in a Server in China . Although using any cloud service has its vulnerabilities , the Xiaomi incident is kind of worrying to many as the Chinese government can easily tap into the information , this however led the ex Google'r Hugo Barra , VP of Xiaomi  to explain that the feature will now have a toggle in which the user can turn the feature off .

Although the update fixed the known problem , many people ,after referring to this incident , might feel a little debated about getting a handset running a Chinese version of Android .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source -AndroidHeadlines

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