Monday, September 1, 2014

iCloud leaks it all ....

The Cloud , a service that basically becomes a dump to store all your data online can be beneficial as you can sync the data to multiple devices almost anywhere but like everything , there is a catch , and this catch is privacy .Personally , i rarely use the cloud , and my usage usually revolves around me syncing mostly not so useful documents , but the majority tend to upload many other things , such as pictures , which may be scandalous at times , and such a scandal did happen today as a new iCloud leak dumped nude #nsfw photographs of 101 famous stars including some pictures from popular ones such as Jennifer Lawrence ,Avril lavigne and even unexpected ones like  Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice . The leak , or lets say the file dump was first released to 4Chan and then Reddit .the photos , which were downloaded off celebrity iCloud accounts , quickly spread around the #nsfw community and now , some of the stars who's alleged photos were leaked have started to express their anger and denial on Twitter . The leaker , who has gone dark no longer holds the pages that posted the pictures at first , and the  two websites 4Chan and Reddit have started a cleanup process to bring the spread under control , (3rd party host sites like imagur ,twitter & even Pornhub  holds large caches of photos and slip under the radar) .The leak , which also spilled some controversial videos are still held at ransom by the uploader , who demands payment in bitcoin (a digital currency) for their release .  Legal advisers of some of the stars have declared that they will take legal action against anyone who is sharing the said photos online .The iCloud leak , which is another bad blow for cloud services and Apple comes just a few months after Edward Snowden's leak about where all your online photos end up .

Source - Mashable

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