Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apple's October 16 media event - What we know so far

Another day , another tech event , and this time its from Apple . Today (Oct 16) Apple is getting ready to launch its iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 along with a bunch of new Macs and a new version of Apple's sync software - iTunes . first off , we have the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 , physically the two tablets are running on two separate tablet classes of their own , the bigger iPad , which took on the "iPad Air" to get a thinner bezel and a flatter design is said to go unchanged in the 9.7" screen department ,but its overall thickness is said to be reduced to a whooping 7mm .The iPad mini , which is now in its 3rd generation will also retain its 7.9" display of 2048x1536 resolution but it too will be thinner than before , both tablets are said to feature Apple's A8X processor (AxX versions carry more ram) so the new iPads will carry not one but 2GB of RAM . The new iPad's will also get a better camera upgrade and this time , the new iPads are said to get 8mp rear cameras which is a improvement over the current 5mp rear cameras , the new iPads will also get a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) (which was allegedly leaked in a iOS8 manual screenshot) and NFC for Apple Pay . The storage options in the new iPads are also bumped up and so the basic version now has 32GB of storage and the highest spec will include the 128GB version  (Apple will sell the iPad 4 as a 16GB option) .

Apple will also unveil their latest version of iTunes (iTunes 12) and possibly some revamped apps like Apple Pay , iWork etc , Apple will also give some emphasis on OSX Yosemite with new improvements and features .

Today's show is also said to include some new iMacs that might have some top notch displays along with a much higher spec'ed 21" iMac , there are rumors of upgraded Macbooks , but because they were updated during the mid year refresh , they might probably left out in today's event, but there are some rumors of a 12" Macbook and possibly a 12" iPad but lets take those as a grain of salt for now.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - 9to5Mac

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