Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Microsoft to jump directly into Windows 10 ...Skips 9

Microsoft was having a rough time with Windows 8 , the new Tiled based interface was not favored by many as it lacked a start button and most of the UI worked well on a Tablet rather than a full size computer . The shortcomings of Windows 8 was quickly addressed by Windows 8.1 which offered a reasonable offering that was a lot better than the earlier version , but even after all these additions ,the platform was still lacking in some features that can woo in the users who are still clinging on to Windows 7 , so Microsoft was quickly working on releasing a newer version of Windows - Aka Windows 9 so that they could unify their Mobile platform and their desktop solution to work together ,but as it turns out , Microsoft - for reasons unknown , has decided to jump Windows 9 "aka Windows Threshold" and rename it as Windows 10 . The move is a giant leap as this is the first time Microsoft attempted to "jump" a series , The new Windows 10 is said to include the best of Windows 7 with some flamboyancy and flat designs of Windows 8.1 .Windows 7  was mostly built for laptops and desktop computers while the 8/8.1 platform tried to work on a mobile route by giving priority to touch screen devices , but according to Microsoft , Windows 10 will feature a scalable interface that works well on both platforms with tablets receiving a tablet friendly interface and desktops and laptops receiving its own optimized version instead .

The new Windows 10 platform will have scalable multitasking "Snap Enhancements" which allows apps to run in a confined space of the desktop rather than crowding up entire display .The new start button will feature a Windows 7 style menu instead of the love or hate Tile interface found in Windows 8 and 8.1 , a side menu that has all the metro apps on will pop out on the side of the start display , (you can view apps as a separate desktop screen -Like in Windows 8if you want to however) . The Os will also feature Microsoft's Natural voice recognition assistant - Cortana . Windows 10 will also feature "Snap Assist" which allows you to transfer apps or run apps between two desktops in a easy manner . Overall Windows 10 holds a lot of promise and hopefully it will be a lot better than the ill fated Windows 8 platform which was technically the second most hated flop since Windows Vista .

Windows 10 will be available for Beta testing starting tomorrow and the full version will be avilable in fall -2015
start menu 

Snap enhancements

Snap Assist

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - TechCrunch

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