Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Lambo Urus is still on the fence

Lamborghini is really upgrading their car portfolio quickly , the companies latest "hybrid" supercar - the Asterion is said to go into production in the future , but the long awaited SUV - The lamborghini Urus is still waiting for the go ahead as the company's parent company still thinks the car won't be successful in the market .The Volkswagen group - which in turn owns both Lamborghini and Audi - more specifically the Audi Q7 SUV platform on which the Urus is supposed to be based on is said to be one of the the most expensive SUV's the company is said to produce .The Urus is also Lamborghini's first off roader since the "Rambo Lambo" so it ,according to executives , holds a lot of promise in markets like Middle East and China . But the group also worries about having another expensive SUV in a crowded market where demand is still not as high due to global issues , but they also expect things to get better so the Urus will eventually go into production .The Urus , which is said to have a hybrid powertrain will be based on Audi's MLB platform which is said to be the basis of many other Volkswagen group Suv's including the upcoming VW Touraeg  and of course the next Audi Q7 and even Bentley's first luxury SUV.

Source - Autocar

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