Saturday, October 11, 2014

MasHD Autonews - Tesla flashes D ,AWD and smart features added , new car hits a 120k

Last night (depending on your time zone) Elon Musk announced the arrival of Tesla's fastest car yet - The Model S P85D , although it has a long pennant number thanks to a extra D (that D is for Dual Motor by the way) over the standard P85 , the P85D is very special for tesla as it has some unique features like a new All wheel drive system thanks to dual motors on each axle and a intelligent  driving  system that can control the car  itself (adjust steering input) . The P85D 's main highlight is its all wheel drive system that splits the 691 electric horses to  221 bhp for the front and  470bhp for the back . The 85KW battery , which comes directly from the "stock" P85 gives the car about 275miles before hitting the plugs , this might be a downgrade from the stock motor's efficiency , but all those extra horses need power , isn't it . . Also added to the price is a new set of adaptive air suspension sets , 21" wheels and a new intelligent driving system called "Autopilot" , the system , which uses a array of radar , 360 degree ultra sound sensors and cameras can act as a intelligent lane departure warning system that can regain control if you cut the white lines and it can also stop the car should it detect a obstacle in front , although similar systems exist , its a long way off from Elon's dream of self driving vehicles which are probably more than 1/2 a decade away , the options on the new car cost $14,000 more than the stock version which puts the price at around 120,000 which is steep ,deliveries for the new car will start in December of this year and so far public and investor reaction to the car is mixed , but what ever it may be ,the new Model D is a huge improvement over the power saving  Model S and it will certainly put Tesla on the speed merchant list .

Tesla Autopilot system

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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