Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pebble drops by $50 , new features added to smartwatches

Love it or hate it , the pebble smartwatch has been one of the best tech success stories of the new decade , the company , which started out  as a crowd-funded project quickly exceeded its target cash limit on Kickstarter and it produced two smartwatches over its lifetime . The first gen pebble smartwatch was one of the most coveted devices in 2012 and it later paved the way for a larger , more premium steel watch called the Pebble steel .

The watches remained uncontested for more than two years until the arrival of the Android wear platform and Apple's iwatch wearable series , the two platforms are quite new and they offer poor battery life when compared to Pebble's 7 day battery life , although this and its daylight visible E-ink displays are a added plus for now ,pebble might be in a big problem as the newer watches offer more attractive pricing options and better functionality than the button based , 8bit E-ink interface found on the pebble smartwatches . To combat this threat , Pebble has brought down its first gen model by $50  , which means the Pebble watch will now cost $99.99 at stores .

The Steel model has also seen a price drop and it is now $199 which makes it stand right next to the Android wear powered Samsung Gear live and the LG G watch . Although choosing a Pebble Steel over a Android wear might be tricky as they each have their respective ups and downs in both versions , the cheaper Pebble watch is probably a better choice considering the low price and its ability to work with iOS and Android (ios 6 and up , Android 4.x and up ) unlike the platform locked Android wear's and iWatches that demand newer versions of the phone's mobile OS to run their companion apps .The Pebble watch and the Pebble Steel will also recieve a new update that will give it the ability to dismiss notifications on Android , iOS versions 7 and 8 with a few button presses as well as new quick launch action that allows you to launch your favorite app with a double tap , apps on Pebble are also updated and the Misfit and Jawbone UP app are updated to give daily activity and sleep tracking information without 3rd party accessories . The new app allows you to track your swimming information by tracking distance , pace , time and strokes if you wear it while swimming , which is another added bonus to the watch(es) as both models are certified for 50 meters(5ATM) underwater.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - SlashGear

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