Thursday, January 8, 2015

CES 2015 - Random phones and gadgets from CES #3 - Cameras and consumer gadgets

Nikon D5500

This is Nikon's first Touch-screen DSLR , the camera , which is a followup to the D5XX series is the new replacement to the D5300 from 2013 .The 3.2" display has 1.037million dots and it supports pinch to zoom and other features modern touchscreen shutterbugs require . The D5500 is however not that different from its predecessor as the camera still has a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor without the Optical low pass filter which now increases sharpness . The sensor can reach ISO levels of 100-25600 .The camera also supports WIFI , 5fps continuous bursts , and 1080p@60fps with continuous Autofocus AF ,speaking of AF , the camera has 39 of them . Pricing for the camera starts at $900 for the body only

FLIR One (2015)

FLIR is once again stepping into smartphone waters with the new FLIR one , the new model , which is still called FLIR one  improves at places where the previous version failed , gone are the iPhone only restrictions which means the new model will work with Android as well as iPhones , the camera now works as a pod so you can attack it to any iOS device with a lightning port or a Android phone unlike the older model which was basically a glorified iPhone 5 case . The price is still not out at the moment but we expect it to cost somewhere close to the $300 range

Razer OSVR 

Razer's new OSVR - Open source Virtual reality is -as its name suggests - is open source so it will be aimed at developers and hackers who want something other than a Oculus product . The VR headset features a 5.5" 1080p display , a whole sensor array including acclerometer , gyro and compass and a 100 degree field of view . The system supports many game engines including UE4 and Unity .

SenseFLY Exom Quadcopter 

Parrot's new SenseFLY Exom drone is a slightly affordable drone that aims to bring data analyzing  to a whole new level. Unlike previous Parrot products , the new Quadcopter features new technology such as a 5 ultrasonic sensors -which show accurate proximity so you don't crash into things . There is also a tripleview camera that allows you to capture high resolution stills , video and thermal data -all in one .The aim of the SenseFLY Exom system is to bring a lower cost solution to researchers , civil engineers who want to access and analyze data in hard to reach places using some of the new camera and ultrasonic technology

Sony FDR X1000V and AS200V


Sony's original Actioncam has finally been refreshed  , the new camera , dubbed the AS200 V has recieved a 1080p recording bump with 60fps recording


Sony has also introduced a 4K capable Action cam called the FDR X100V , the new model shoots 4K at 30fps and  has a 170 degree FOV and a Exmor - R CMOS with Bionz-X image processing chip .

Panasonic Lumix ZS45 ,ZS50 and SZ10 compact cameras

Panasonic ZS45  - this camera has a 16mp sensor with 20x optical zoom . the camer has 1080p recording and optical image stabilization . The camera has a 3" LCD and it has NFC ,WIFI and a QR Code scanning function

Panasonic ZS50 - This camera has a 24mm 12.1mp sensor made by Leica , the camera has 30x optical zoom and 60x intelligent zoom along with optical image stabilization . The camera has a 3" LCD and supports NFC , WIFI , QR code and a wide angle lens .

Panasonic SZ10 - this 14mp camera has a 12x optical zoom camera with a smaller 2.7" display , the camera features no NFC but it has optical image stabilization  , wifi and the QR code scanning feature . The camera is however the lowest end of the three

Panasonic TS6 and TS30 Rugged digital cameras 

Panasonic also unveiled two ruggedized cameras - the TS6 and TS30 , these two cameras are designed to absorb punishment including submersion under water and the occational drop

Panasonic TS6 -
*Waterproof upto 43feet , shock resistant upto 6.6 feet , and dust resistant and freeze proof upto 14 Fahrenheit
*16mp Leica Wide angle lens , 4.6x optical zoom
*3.0" LCD with GPS , WIFI, NFC

Panasonic TS30
*waterproof upto 26feet, shock resistant upto 5 feet and freeze proof upto 14 Fahrenheit
*16mp sensor , Leica made -25mm wide angle lens with 4x optical zoom
*2.7" LCD Display , WIFI , GPS

Sony FDR -AX33 4K Handycam 

Sony has added 4K video recording to their handycam series with the FDR AX33 becoming the first of the new product category , the $999 camera features balenced optical steady shot (BOSS) and it can shoot 4K at 100 mbps XEVC-S format/ 30fps

Sony HD handycams 

Sony also introduced a new series of 1080p Handycams with the HDR-PJ440($400) and the HDR-PJ670 ($700) equipped with built in pico projectors to view media

Sony also introduced the HDR -CX405 ($230) and HDR - CX440($300) 1080p cameras with improved stabilization

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