Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CES 2015 - Sony's new Android powered Walkman costs $1200

Another Sony facepalm ?
Although the market for dedicated music /media players (PMP's)  like the iPod touch and the Zune ended a few years ago , Sony is still keeping their heritage and morale up with a new refreshed Walkman PMP that runs Android . Say hello to the NW- ZX2  , although its a mouthful , the player is probably one of the very few PMP's available as many rival companies have already given up on dedicated music players due to the popularity of tablets and smartphones .Although we don't think this new Walkman won't make any difference - especially with its mind boggling $1200 price tag , the player will certainly be the best Android rival to the iPod touch to date .

The player , like all "walkmen" NX before it  has a dedicated HX digital audio amp which will make all the difference .The player has 128GB of storage , and according to Sony , the player can output audio mp3's for 60 hours (low quality) or 30 hours (high quality/lossless) . The player supports LDAC sound encoding and plays 192Khz/24bit audio as well . The player has Bluetooth , Wifi but being a media player , cellular functions are absent .The player runs a now aged version of Android (4.2 Jellybean) and it has access to the Google appstore which means you can use it as a 4"  mini-android tablet

Display - 4" 854x480p TFT display

OS - Android 4.2 with Sony UI

Design - Portable media player 65.1×131.2×18.5 mm, 235gg

Connectivity -WIFI 802.11 /b/g/n/a , Bluetooth 4.0 MicroUSB 2.0,NFC

Processor - ?

GPU - ?

Ram -1GB

Storage - 128GB Onboard

Camera(s) -none

Battery - 60 hours (128kbps) 30 hours (FLAC) Battery

Other - playable formats - MP3, WMA1, FLAC (192KHz/24bit), Linear PCM (192KHz/24bit), WAV (192KHz/24bit), AAC-LC2, HE-AAC, Apple Lossless (192KHz/24bit), AIFF (192KHz/24bit), DSD (2.8MHz, 5.6MHz)*1: Copyright protected WMA files cannot be played back.*2: Copyright protected AAC-LC files cannot be played back

Price - $1199

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Androidpolice

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