Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nvidia's Tegra X1 hits 70K on Antutu

Nvidia's new Tegra X1 chip made headlines as being the first mobile chip to hit the 1 teraflop range . The processor - which uses a Big little architecture with Cortex A57 and Cortex A53 cores in a 4+4 configuration and 256 Maxwell GPU cores has enough power to close in on top tier consoles has now taken a score of 74,977 points on Antutu - a popular benchmark application .  The X1 chip is currently top dog as similar products like the Exynos 7420 on the upcoming Galaxy S6 only hit about 60,000 and therefore the X1 will probably be a powerhouse like the K1 chip of 2014 . Although devices packing the X1 chip will be limited , Nvidia - who also makes the "Shield" series of tablets will definitely include this chipset in their upcoming shield tablet which is rumored to be launched on the 3rd of March .

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Gizmochina

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