Friday, February 20, 2015

Pebble to introduce thinner smartwatch with a color display

Battery life is one of the biggest complains found in smartwatches today , although smartwatch owners represent a small minority , the bulk of current watches are limited to a day of usage which is not convenient as wearable device owners require them to run for a longer time if they are to commute with these said devices . Pebble - a small startup company that announced the Pebble watch two years ago was one of the pioneers in the smartwatch field , although their Monochrome E-ink displays are no match for the vibrant 320x320 resolution watches from Android wear and Apple's watch divisions , the humble smartwatch maker provided a estimated 5 - 7 days of battery life on the Pebble watch - making them still a viable option if you want a affordable yet long lasting smartwatch . But like all things , the two year old Pebble watch and the one year old Pebble steel are slowly showing their age , although battery life is impressive , users require new features ,a color display and most importantly a thinner shell , To answer all of this , Pebble are reportedly worked on a new Pebble watch which is said to be unveiled in less than 4 days from now . The new watch - which pebble says is said to come with a microphone will probably bring the biggest change to the platform since its introduction . The watch is also said to include a color display , a battery-life which goes en par with current models and a OS developed by some ex-WebOS developers . The Pebble event will take place on Tuesday at 10AM Eastern Time .

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMArena

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