Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sony to give up on Xperia and its smartphone business

Sony Xperia smartphones are probably one of the best bang for buck smartphones on the market now , the company , which launched some hit singles like the Xperia Z2 , Z3 and Z3 compact last year has shown some market growth and profits ,but with Sony's interest in profits is said to make the Xperia brand the next smartphone dinosaur . The Sony Xperia brand of smartphones( known previously as as Sony Ericsson) - which started out with the beautiful Windows mobile powered Xperia X1 exploded into the market with the arrival of Android . the first android powered Xperia devices - which include the fabled Xperia X10 , X8 and the X10 mini were plagued with mostly software problems as Sony literally took a back seat in terms of dishing out updates , due to factors such as this and blunders like avoiding front facing cameras until the end of the Xperia Arc caused many customers to turn to rival products , Sony also had a issue of launching two flagships every year , this ,combined with Sony's ridiculous pricing made the phone's value depreciate to a very low level -therefore causing more loss for the company .

Sony's CEO stated that he will not "rule out considering an exit strategy" as the smartphone division (along with the TV divsion) act as a hinderance to their expected future growth .

Speaking further , Sony's Kazuo Hirai stated that "Sony is positioning Devices, Game & Network Services, Pictures, and Music as the segments that will drive its profit growth over the next three years " .This ultimately means that Sony has lost faith in turning profits around with its smartphone business and it therefore hopes to sell the division off or partner with another company . The current models of Sony's Xperia lineup are set to be replaced by the upcoming Xperia Z4 smartphone but with Sony preparing to abandon ship , the future looks bleak for Sony's smartphone heritage

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - Forbes

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