Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Suzuki's Celerio gets recalled over brake failure

City cars are quite popular as fuel and budget conscious buyers around the world, Suzuki - a company that practically floated on the success of its small cars are now faced with a recall as their new Suzuki Celerio - a affordable hatchback are said to be plagued with hidden brake faults . The Suzuki Celerio - also known as the Maruti Suzuki Celerio in India and Sri Lanka has also reached to markets in Europe and Oceania, The car , which retails for about $12500 has now been suspended in the UK  ,Ireland , Australia and NewZealand following a failure involving a 80mph deceleration test conducted by What Car magazine using two Celerios , and according to the test , The brake pedal became stuck in the fully depressed position and had no effect on the Suzuki's speed. No braking effort could be exerted by forcing the pedal up and reapplying it." , and therefore if such a situation does occur , the only way to stop the car will be to downshift the gears and yank the handbrake - which is quite dangerous as the car won't be able to make a emergency stop .

The problem however is pretty much limited to the European version Celerio and therefore Suzuki Celerio's made in India or ones sold in Japan and Thailand are not affected (according to Suzuki) .The recall is said to affect over a 100 cars sold in the British isles and parts of Oceania since its launch on the first of February (2015) . Suzuki has acknowledged that this will cause problems to its customers so therefore they are said to provide a temporary replacement car .

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - SlashGear

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