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Microsoft /Build 2015 in a Nutshell

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Microsoft has announced several new features for its upcoming Windows 10 operating system at Build 2015 . The net gen Operating system - which is said to bring much needed apps and a unification  between Mobile and Desktop systems was further explained along with new additions such as a new browser - Microsoft Edge and a further enhanced version of its Hololens VR headset

Windows 10 - Apps

Apps have always been Windows (Phones) Achilles heel , but with Windows 10 , all that can change to some extent as Microsoft in a attempt to woo in more app developers - the move , which is codenamed project Astoria is new app development platform that lets Android and iOS developers port their already existing apps to Windows without much effort .The Windows developer toolkit allows developers to analyze their app and get instructions on how much of the existing code is usable and how much tweaking is needed in order to launch it on windows , most apps currently on Android may turn out to be easy ports as much of the framework is built on a already common AOSP (Android opensource) platform with only API substitutions needed .The Apps on  iOS might require more effort as the Objective C format might require a lot of change , but according to reports , the new Microsoft toolkit supports all apps based on Java,C++,C# and even Objective C

Windows 10 - Cortana

Cortana is now said to be even more integrated into the system , she or he(you can change the assistants gender now ) take over your searches once you start typing on the search bar , she also has the ability to do normal day to day searches as well

Windows 10 - Design ,UI and apps

Aero glass is back , the theme , which was a staple on Windows 7 was skipped on 8 and 8.1 but now it is back , sounds have also been refreshed , the UI on tablet mode re scales to a more cortana focused  screen as shown in the video below

Windows 10 -Continuum

Microsoft has announced a radical approach to computing , the new Windows Continuum feature allows a smartphone to connect to a monitor and essentially shift from a phone to a desktop PC . This feature is basically similar to Canonical's Ubuntu smartphone to desktop setup demoed a few years ago , the phone , which is connected via HDMI to TV will also accept bluetooth mice and keyboards .

Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge browser

This was Sparta! - or previously known as Sparta , the new age Microsoft browser has gone down the treadmill again and is said to be even lighter than than before , the new Cortana integrated browser will be the stock internet explorer replacement from now on

Microsoft Visual Studio code 

This is probably the second biggest "thing" to happen to Microsoft , the application - which was previously a Windows only setup is now officially open for the big three - Linux , Mac and of course windows The cloud and web application writer/debugger is currently running as a preview ,and it supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js .Net 5 and ASP  but you can expect a full version of the software soon .

Microsoft Hololens -

Microsoft showed off its Hololens VR headset once again , the headset has received several upgrades with priority going to software , Microsoft's announcement of a iOS and Android app transfer port as well as developer support that extends from Windows to linux and Mac means the future for the Hololens is indeed bright

The hololens - first anounced a couple of months back is now in beta stage two - sort of , the headset is definetly improved , but it still is work in progress , the unthethered headset will work off a charge it gets from a MicroUSB and project augmented reality onto your eyes as if you are feeling it for real . Unlike rival products , the hololens is equipped with a advanced cup+gpu combo along with a advanced forward firing camera to analyze the surroundings , Microsoft also has games such as Minecraft all set for a possible virtual reality feel in the future

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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Source - BGR ,Techcrunch

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