Tuesday, August 4, 2015

India bans 857 websites in the name of "decency", 9Gag.tv and college-humor targeted as well

India's department of telecommunications has officially banned  857 websites in a attempt to curb pornography , the move , done in the name of decency will prevent users from accessing common pornographic sites ,along with some affiliated adult dating sites . The move however has also targeted some non pornographic sites such as 9gag.tv collegehumor.com ,Barstoolsports and even popURL Many people point out that the content they display are already available on websites like youtube  so adding them to the same list is not a viery thought-out move to begin with. Even when such a ban takes place , people with some know-how's will still use proxies and VPN's to access websites so it wouldn't stop everyone eventhough the internet service provider ban is still in affect .The new decision on banning such websites has already brought about a heated debate with many opponents voicing concerns about how the move  violates personal liberties and rights and brings about a gradual censorship of the internet .

Sources - IBtimes
IBNlive ,nytimes

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