Friday, September 4, 2015

32GB Nexus 6 now available for $349

With Nexus (or shall we say Nexae) devices set to launch on the 29th of September , chances are , you could see a new Nexus 6 successor and possibly even a affordable Nexus 5x getting launched on that day .Although the next generation Nexae will be all the rave , older hardware will also stick around the campfire ready for Marshmallow updates of their own , one of the first devices to receive the update will surely be the Nexus 6 - a device which at launch was somewhat out of reach of average Nexus buyers thanks to its expensive off contract price , but now , after almost a year of acting as Android's main test vehicle , The Nexus 6 has hit a half price mark with the device being listed for $349 for the 32GB and $400 for the 64GB version .The deal is currently running on Amazon , and if you are quick you might be able to grab one of these as the Motorola made Nexus 6 is still a serious kicker when it comes to raw specs .

The Nexus 6 , made by Motorola is powered by a 2.7 Ghz Snapdragon 805 Soc with 3GB of RAM , the base model of the Nexus 6 features 32GB and the higher end model features 64GB of onboard storage . The SAMOLED display of the Nexus is 5.96" and it has a 2K resolution , a 13MP OIS camera sits at the back and it features 4K video recording , apart from being one of the first devices to receive timely Android updates , the Nexus 6 is now a good bargain considering its $350 price.


Source - GSMArena

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