Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jolla Tablet is no more

When a bunch of ex-Nokia employees started the Finnish based mobile enterprise -Jolla , they had a vision of creating something unique for the world which was in a hunger for artistic technology . With some interest from backers and tech blogs , the Jolla team went ahead and launched their first device - the Jolla phone , although it featured some unique design elements and Sailfish OS (Jollas own in house OS) the phones availability was limited and it soon was forgotten , the company however did not give up and they repurposed the whole design to accomodate a different soc and a cheaper starting price to woo in potential buyers , at the same time Jolla crowdfunded a new project - the Jolla Tablet - this tablet , unlike the monolithic slates we have now , featured a enhanced version of Sailfish OS , the tablet was also compact and designed to look good , but with serious  troubles brewing in the company , the tablets fate was doomed from the start .

Powered by a Intel Z3735F Atom processor and 2GB of Ram , the tablet was one of a kind as it is the only device to feature Sailfish OS 2.0 , the tablet also boasted a 7.85" 2048x1536 IPS display and a 5mp rear camera and a 2mp front camera , initially the tablet was set to go for the $200+ mark but with times getting tough , it was offered for $190 for backers , but even with some solid financial backing from  thousands of potential customers , the tablet was set to become another tech failure as Jolla already had major financial problems that brew within , the Chinese manufacturer who made the tablet had to roll down production and therefore only 540 Jolla tablets were ever made .

The 540 copies which were made before the write off will be given to some of the first backers , the remaining backers will get full refunds but as Jolla is in a crisis , the whole refund procedure is set to go until 2017 .The company however will not be closing the doors anytime soon as it still has its smartphone line and the Sailfish OS to care about ,rest in peace ,Jolla Tablet .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
SOURCE Slashgear

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