Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ambarella's announces new 64bit chip for Action cameras and drones

Ambarella H3 
Ambarella has announced a new processor for drones and action cameras - the new H3 SOC - designed on the Cortex A53 -64bit architecture focuses on 4K@60fps video recording and content streaming and 360 degree VR  .The new processor focuses on 10bit h.264 streaming as well as support up to 8K playback(Video out) or handling dual 4K-30fps feeds at once.The processor also has a de-wrapping engine designed to handle feeds from extreme fisheye lenses and wide angle lenses for panoramas . The system is said to be available  on many future action cameras , drones with built in cameras , VR headsets and basically any equipment with video recording and playback . The H3 processor is a evolution of the H2 processor which is already available in products such as the newly announced Xiaomi Yi 4K+ .

Ambarella also announced another processor - the new A9AQ - a 800 mHz Dual core processor developed for automobile camera systems (reverse cameras , mirror and side view cameras , dashcams etc) .This processor uses the Cortex A9 architecture with enhancements and  a dedicated HDR processing engine (B6) to better determine and reduce LED flicker caused by car headlamps . The processors belong to the Ambarella A9 family which also consists of the popular 800 mhz Dual core A9SE chip found in many Drone cameras and GoPro's new Hero 5 camera .

Also announced along side the A9AQ is Ambarella's B6 class of Serializer/Deserializer co-processors for systems equipped with the A9AQ processor . the processor is designed to handle 4K HDR content .

Via -Dpreview

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