Saturday, January 7, 2017

CES 2017 - Dell's 27" workstation is an artist's dream come true

Last year , Microsoft offered a compelling desktop package with the launch of the Surface Studio - The All in one workstation was probably one of the mostly hyped as it can work as a tablet with a hockey puck size mouse for "Ironman" style circular selection pallets and still perform like a desktop when needed ,But since Microsoft stirred up the PC market , many companies are now having a go at their own workstations setups ,and Dell - one of the largest PC OEM's designed their own based on a 27" QHD touchscreen display - Say hello to the Dell Canvas.This unit - designed with a Tablet , totem setup works by displaying some of the control content in the touch part and the output on the display - kind of like how the new Mackbook pro's  handle with the touchbar - Apparently , Dell says the workstation supports Adobe and SolidWorks software out of the box and thanks to Microsoft's invest in touch ready Surface systems and  Windows 10 the whole experience will surely be a dream device if you can cough up the $1799 asking price .

Dell is yet to announce the full spec sheet of the Dell canvas ,the setup will be available on March 30th .


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