Thursday, January 5, 2017

CES 2017 - Panasonic GH4 full specs

Panasonic has reclaimed the MFT throne with the GH5 , the new camera - aimed at semi pro videographers,it might sound like a minor update to the GH4 at first , but instead its a whole new animal .

The new GH5 - unofficially announced  at Photokina 2016 along side the new Panasonic G85 was kept in a acrylic case ,but now it is officially out and will retail for the price of US$2000 .

The camera - based on the successful GH4 chassis features a new 20.3 MP m4/3 sensor without a optical low pass filter allowing pictures and video to be sharper .The sensor is also set on a IBIS system (5 axis in-body image stabilization) along with extra stability achieved via cpu data from Image stability -compatible lenses . The sensor also features a a on chip 225 AF points with DFD image tracking along with a dedicated Venus SOC for image processing ,


Panasonic stated that the new GH5 will keep the former shell (most of the dimensions) of the GH4 in the new model in order to allow custom cages and housings on the previous model to work without making buyers invest again ,this however means that most of the aesthetics are similar ,but as they say , beauty is only skin deep . The new model features a articulating swivel touchscreen display with a resolution of 1.62million dots paired with a EVF with a x0.76 magnification and a 3.68 million dot resolution .The body also features a Dual SD card slot with support for hot-swapping as well as a 3.5mm Headphone jack and a TRS audio input . The camera also supports XLR audio via Panasonic's DMW-XLR1 optional XLR hotshoe mount .Support for HDMI out to a external display or recorder (4K at 4:2:2 10bit )via a full size HDMI port is also available along with a USB type C  (usb 3.1) and Bluetooth 4.2 LE . The chassis is weather sealed with support for extreme cold temperatures -10C  ,dust and splash resistance as well .The body is said to have a shutter life of 200k cycles .

Video features

Videographers rejoice , Panasonic has basically made this the go-to mirrorless MFT camera for video once again as it features heavyweight numbers as follows -

Full sensor reading - no crop in video , 4KUHD(24,25,30,60fps) and Cinema4K (24fps)  The 4k is available in either 60fps(4:2:0 in 8 bit ) or  4k 30fps (4:2:2 in 10bit) along with FHD 60fps  at (4:2:2 10bit) You also get FHD 180fps -slow motion  , There are also custom Log profiles with potential for color grading in post as well as a mid -2017 update which will bring 6k 24p anamorphic video (cropped to 16:4) as well as 4K HDR recording . The 4K recording will be available in (150 mbps at launch and 400mbps after the upcoming update)


The GH5 is up against some stiff competition this year , but once again , it features a Ace up its sleeve in order to trump in not only video - but photography as well . The camera features the above mentioned 5 axis stability  IBIS as well as the on chip AF tracking points , these points can be adjusted swiftly via the built in manual joystick or touch to focus via the touchscreen (the touchscreen also allows focus pulls via touch) . The camera also features enhanced ISO performance upto 25,000 ISO as well as a shutter speed of 1/8000  and a continuous burst rate of 30 frames per second in 4K (8mp) or about 12 frames per second in 20 mp .

Support for 4K photo (8mp still) from video and image stacking for enhanced DOF , Post focus as well as 6K photo (18mp stills )

Conclusion ,Price and availability 

The  GH series has always been Panasonic's greatest mirrorless hit , the series has gained a following and it will continue to do so .Although many might argue that the steep price of USD 2K is a lot ,and it is 300 bucks more expensive than the previous GH4 at launch,,but to me , the price is justified  as it packs a punch that puts some other rivals to shame (in the video department - 5dmk4 - i'm looking at you ) , the ability to shoot cinema 4k , support for anamorphic lenses ,support for proper audio peripherals and a solid H.265 output via HDMI makes this a must have semi-pro setup if you got the cash .Feature wise , the new system will outshine the similarly priced OMD-em1 mk2 and even the recently announced Sony A6500  , and when compared to them the whole camera looks well priced And if you really want one, you might as well save cash right now as there is no hurry as the next model wont be coming out for the next 2-3 years anyway

The GH5 will be available starting March 2017 .

Press release - Panasonic

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