Friday, January 6, 2017

CES 2017 - Polaroid Pop brings back popping Polaroid memories

Polaroid cameras have always been the go to artistic/hipster instant camera for many years now.Although the company no longer invests heavily on creating a ultimate Polaroid machine ,it does however make one or two affordable ones for everyone with a artistic mind and a low budget .Presenting the new Polaroid Pop - A digital camera with a thermal printer that produces the iconic 3x4" prints with adhesive backs in to post around your favorite place . The camera features a 20mp CMOS sensor which sits at the rear of the device , the aiming and framing are done via a 3.97" touchscreen LCD - this screen also allows you to share the photo via wifi or bluetooth and print with one tap . The paper used for the new Polaroid pop utilizes a "ZINK" - Zero Ink® technology of fusing the colors thermally .Pricing information is still not available at the time of writing .

Source - Polaroid

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