Saturday, January 7, 2017

CES 2017 - TinyMOS Tiny1 brings Astrography to a pocket friendly size

Tiny one is another one of those neat crowdfunded projects hosted by Indiegogo ,designed with Android baked in,the camera ticks all the right boxes(price,instant sharing and adaptability) for amateurs and pros looking for a fun astro cam .

Design and specs 
The camera features a aluminum shell which gives it a solid boxy feel similar to that of the Chronos camera (another great crowdfunded project)The camera body comes in either silver and black and has a touchscreen interface at the back - which is powered by Android .


The camera , designed by a bunch of university students has ability to adapt Nikon F and Canon EF lenses and even mount to telescopes with a custom made 1.25" adapter and thanks to its 4mp 1" sensor with a retractable IR filter , the larger pixel size means that you will have more light hitting the sensor -resulting in better low light performance than say a 12 or 16 mp sensor of the same size .

The small 1 inch sensor also has the ability to create a higher field of view value - for example - popping in a 70-200mm at the 200 end will give you about 1400mm equivalent on the Tiny1 -resulting in you being able get a closer image of whatever you are shooting at . The camera also has the ability to track celestial objects via its built in star map -app  allowing the user to sync both both his or her phone to the camera for better tracking . Once the photo is taken , it can be shared directly to the connected smartphone in a few taps for social media sharing .

The camera "Body only" is said to be $484 upwards or $449 for Indiegogo-ers

Full specs of the TinyMOS Tiny 1 are not revealed yet as it still is a ongoing project with Indiegogo . If you are interested , click the links below to explore more details on this device

Indiegogo link - Indiegogo/tiny1
Source - Androidauthority

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