Friday, January 6, 2017

CES 2017 - Waycom's new Intuos and Bamboo tablets unveiled

Wacom Intuos Pro and Pro Paper 
Wacom - a leader in graphic tablets has unveiled three new tablets for 2017 , the new lineup consists of two Intuos tablets and one Bamboo tablet .

Wacom Intuos Pro / Wacom Intuos Pro Paper 

If you are professional in your artistic talent , then this is the tablet duo for you the tablets are both similar in function with the exception of a paper holder on the Pro Paper which you can draw sketches directly on using the Wacom finetip pen . Specs are as follows


* Multitouch support with gestures , 8 hotkeys for quick access , anodized aluminium body in both medium and large sizes
*Pro pen 2 supports 8192 levels of pressure (Finetip pen can be used on the paper edition)
*Pro version - Medium costs $349  Large  costs $499
*Pro Paper Edition - Medium costs $399 Large costs $549

Wacom Bamboo Folio 

This is basically a notepad for students and busy individuals who want to do physical writing but still want a digital copy anyway . The system supports upto 100 pages of half-letter size paper ,all work done on them are conveyed via Wacom's special inkspace service to all cloud connected iPads and Android tablets .

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