Friday, January 6, 2017

DJI grabs a chunk in Hasselblad

DJI has reportedly acquired a majority stake of Hasselblad -a veteran camera manufacturer from Sweden . The new partnership , which will bring Hasselblad camera tech to DJI's Drone and Gyro cameras will surely help the company dominate the almost uncontested drone space for time to come .DJI however has not released full details of the acquisition yet , but Luminous Landscape reports that the company has taken most of the medium  format camera company as they already had some shares in them previously  . The fate of Hasselblad as a company is not known ,but due to the brand value , DJI will probably keep them steaming forward with some Micro 4/3 systems in the future ( along with the X1D which is already going on sale) .

Sources - LuminousLandscape , techcrunch

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