Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kodak to revive film ...Ektachrome 100 is coming back

via Wikipedia -Thistle33 
In a age where click and tap to upload , the concept of inserting reels of film to a camera and then spending time developing it in a dark room (or dropping it off at the pharmacy to get them developed) should be a extinct practice now , but apparently demand for film is on the rise and Kodak - a company that basically pioneered "film" is now set to revisit one of its greatest hits - Ektachrome 100 and relaunch it this year . As time goes , film for different ISO levels will be made -including film for video cameras of a bygone Eastman era .But apparently , Kodak is also set to launch its very first Super -8 film camera with digital audio recording very soon  as interest in Film has reached a all time high even in a age where the terms "Selfie" and "apps" rule the headlines .


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