Wednesday, January 4, 2017

We are back with a new look !

First of all ,Happy new year 2017!!

MasHD - A tech blog which started out as a third-party tech news site back in 2011 was probably one of the longest tech news articles I've maintained for a long time , the Blog - launched as a platform to publish our now-defunct  "Mashdroid Magazine (2011-2013) was probably one of the fastest tech news blogs from Sri Lanka at the time - but as time went on the idea to continue the Mashdroid Magazine was dropped as users preferred up-to date information rather than a print ready PDF magazine - and thus , MasHD was born.    

Mashdroid Magazine - June 2011 

Click to read our last Mashdroid -Magazine on ISSU Mashdroid -"IFA" Sep 2013

With some success on the blogging side , MasHD slowly expanded its news content to gadgets and other lifestyle tech products other than Android Smartphones and Tablets , this also meant that i had to spend more time and energy on writing news articles ranging from fitness trackers to electric cars (Added recently under the MasHD Autonews tag) But with my studies getting more and more demanding , the time i had to write these articles dropped , and last year - April 2016 , i decided to give a break (and possibly even stop the whole blog) ,but now with most of my "Work" complete , MasHD will move on , and move on it shall .

So , what can you expect from MasHD in 2017 ? . Well as I've stated previously , moving on is one option , and therefore i have decided to drop Automotive news (MasHD Autonews) and most of the Lifestyle tech news articles as well (Includes IOT devices , random reviews etc) , This however will not spell the end for my blog as i would still keep the Smartphone and Tablet news and reviews alive . Also i am set to  focus more on new Camera news and reviews Tagged under the new Mashpixel title with the hope of launching a spin-off tech blog (a proper website) under the same name .

Finally i would like to thank everyone who visited my blog for the last 6 years and to other third party tech news sites (who were responsible for promoting this blog to where it is now) and to my primary tech news sites ,writers and journalists who constantly keep updating their feeds from which we "feed off" from . Thank you once again

Rakitha R

Editor - MasHD

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