Saturday, January 7, 2017

YUNEEK H520 - A Safe for work drone

Yuneek has unveiled a new commercial drone for industrial/agriculture monitoring , search and rescue -the H520 as its called comes in a industrial grade shell which is resistant to the regular wear and solar exposure .This octocopter also has a ability to stabilize even if one of the rotors fail in mid air -which is a major plus considering that a drone operating in a high-risk situation should perform as intended . The drone also has a ability to livestream its content in 720p to a 7" display-controller from which the operator can inspect and control manually .

The cost of this industrial drone ranges from $2499 up to $4499 as the drones are paired with different camera systems including a thermal imager and a high res observation camera unit which can be configured according to the task its purchased for .

Source - Technobuffalo

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