Friday, February 10, 2017

Vision Research anounces Phantom Flex 4k GS

The Phantom Flex - a camera featured on many youtube channels and used in many scientific applications has now recieved a 4K upgrade and a new shutter . The new Phantom Flex 4K GS , a camera that is designed to work in rugged conditions and have a plethora of lens mount options including Canon's EF , Nikon F and G and Arri PL mounts is now capable of shooting 1000 fps at Cinema 4k ,938 fps in full sensor readout (4K) or 1975 fps in 2K resolution .
features a 9.4mp APS-H (super 35) sensor also has a global shutter which makes rolling shutter almost non existent .the base ISO for color is 640 (with the shutter) and 320 (with the electronic shutter) , monochrome mode on the camera  however has a base of 5000 with the shutter and 2000 without it . All media recorded  can be exported to a external drive which is probably handy considering that the camera can shoot cineRAW and ProRes formats .

Pricing -$ 103-114,000

Via - studiodaily

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