Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Canon 5D mk3 gets 4k Raw via Magic Lantern - work in progress

Images via - Newsshooter 

At the same time when the 5D mk4 recieved its C Log update ,Canon 5D Mk3 users can also enjoy some 4K action thanks to Magic Lantern who has managed to throttle up the camera's base 1080p recording by giving it the ability to shoot 4K 30fps in RAW  (DCI 4k). This feat which is achieved in a beta form at the moment does mean that even older hardware can still support new features provided a lengthy coding phase is done , right now , the 5D mk3 can be updated with the early builds (kind of like those nightly android builds of a new os  version) ,so keep that in mind before you install anything .(link to download and read more info on the software is posted on the source link below).

Source - newsshooter

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