Thursday, May 11, 2017

Phase One unveils $50,000 camera which only shoots Monochrome ..

Black and white photography is another field of art in itself , the sharpness and the shades of gray that come out of a black and white picture require an eye trained for monochrome and the right tools for the job , Phase one - a company which has a whole lineup of high megapixel count camera bodies and digital backs for medium format cameras has anounced their latest product  - The Phase One IQ3 Achromatic , which has been designed to meet the tastes of well established monochrome shooters .
The camera , equipped with a 101 megapixel , medium format sensor is designed to capture light without color thanks to the lack of a Bayer color filter is capable of hitting an ISO range of 200-51000 .

Other specs on the camera include the ability to set exposures upto 60 minutes , HDMI and built in wifi . The rest of the specs are almost similar to the rest of the Phase One IQ3 digital backs .The XF mount (armed with schneider kreuznach lenses) Phase One IQ3 Achromatic will cost $49990 body only .
Images via - Phaseone product images
Via - petapixel

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