Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Say hello to Amazon's new Echo show - Alexa with a screen

 Amazon's Alexa assistant  has so far been a vocal affair ,the simple AI assistant , designed to home in on your voice commands - even from across the next room was a smart and bold project which would get Amazon into the smart home world . The Echo , followed by the Echo dot has been mostly to test waters  , but now the company is set to work on a even more intergrated affair thanks to the addition of a display and a fully connected "Digital frame " of sorts with the new Echo Show .

The device , designed to look like a smart speaker head-unit  , features a 7" HD touchscreen , a 5MP front facing camera , dual stereo speakers , 9 microphones and wifi + bluetooth support sounds a bit like your typical Fire tablet , but unlike your slate , this unit is set to sit on your table with the intention of giving you weather , news (CNN) , video streaming (youtube , twitch?) And stream music from spotify , Amazon music , Tunein ,iheartradio and pandora  and other service apps such as Uber , Hue (smart lights) and Samsung smartthings as well as a host of other applications which can be accessed via a simple wake up command word "Alexa" followed by your request . The unit ,powered by an Intel X5 processor is designed to be connected to the internet 24-7 and , like the Echo dot , is designed to hug a wall outlet . But the device does offer some perks exclusive to Amazon Echo owners which include the option of direct videocalling via another Echo show or any device with the Alexa App , or Voice calls (VOIP) to Echo speaker devices . The unit is priced at $220 and if you buy a 2 pack , you get $100 off .

Via - Amazon

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