Saturday, June 3, 2017

Panasonic's new EF mount EVA1 captures 5.7k

Panasonic has just announced its latest camcorder to its cinema line . The new camera AU-EVA 1 , launched at Cinema Gear 2017 in Los Angeles positions itself between the excellent micro four thirds equipped GH5 and the EF mount Super 35 camera - the Varicam LT .

The move to EF mount and a super 35 sensor might scratch some heads as Panasonic is actively pushing the M43 format , but we have to remember that the camera is designed for "pro" cinema work and in that field , the two main standards are either PL or EF , of course , you can use a speedbooster , but the Super 35 sensor inside will display vignetting as the M43 is smaller , and therefore there will be a crop in the image (JVC LS300 like) .And this will not go with the RAW 5.7K recording which is capable on this camera (RAW will use a full sensor readout) .

Rest of the specs include electronic image stabilization (eis),  built in ND with 2,4,6 stops and a IR filter  ,4K (DCI and UHD) 10bit 4:2:2 internal recording to SD cards at 60fps (400mbps) , 5.7K RAW to external SSD based recorders ,You can also shoot 2K at 60fps and  240fps in HD. Profiles such as  VLOG and VGamut color as well as Panasonic's color science is also present . Dual native ISO is also present which gives better picture information without losing quality .There are dual XLR microphone inputs and you can send the signals out via SDI or HDMI to a monitor , speaking of monitors , the EVA1 features a display only and has dropped the EVF  , making the body light at just 1.2Kg . The  U.S price is mentioned to be below $8000  (the camera is mentioned as EUR8000 but this is with tax) will be available this fall .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
Source - dpreview

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