Saturday, July 8, 2017

Citograph 35mm f8 brings everything in focus

Cap lenses deserve a special place in your travel bag , whether it be for travel photography or just a quick snap lens which would replace your lens cap for those times when you just tend to miss important shots when your expensive lenses are not around ,but ,what if you wanted a lens that's trendy and still offer decent image quality , then say hello to C.P Goerz  Citograph 35 - a 35mm f8 which promises to keep everything in focus - when you want to .

Based on their successful Kickstarter campaign , the C.P Goers , a German startup , initially plan their always -on lens cap replacement lens to be available for shipping by March 2018 . The lens , which has no manual controls for aperture (yes ,you read that right , its fixed aperture at f8 ) and being a prime , it has no zoom or vibration control . .The lens , which has a minimum focusing distance of 3m(9 ft for your imperials!) to infinity weighs just 120g - making this a compact and possibly one of the smallest things you'd probably own , that is if you can digest the $550 asking price for those who don't sign up for the Kickstarter price of $220 . So is this the right lens for you ? wish the non kickstarter price was cheaper? Well C.P Goerz are still getting things ready for their 2018 release , and who knows, they might just drop the price later down the road.

The C.P Goerz Citograph 35mm f8 will be available for  Canon EF , Nikon F , Sony E ,Micro 4/3 , Fuji X and Leica M .

Written by Rakish for Mashed

Source - petapixel
Kickstarter link - C.P Goerz

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