Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Godox A1 - speedlight pour votre smartphone

Godox - a company that has built a solid reputation for providing value for money lighting equipment has introduced a new product for smartphone photographers - a speedlight+beauty lamp for your phone ! Say hello to the Godox A1 , the unit , designed to provide a pocket flash option (similar to how the AD200 started to make waves in the photographic community ) to smartphone owners who are limited by the mediocre flash available on smartphones .  The units specs , which at the time has still not been released , is expected to  connect via Bluetooth  low energy and possibly work through  its own Apple and Android Godox client app (with manual controls including exposure settings) or possibly through third party apps (adobe lightroom maybe?) as the native camera app may not feature controls for manual  settings in iOS and some Android phones .

The unit , which contains 3 LED's will also function as a lamp and sits at the bottom end of the two light system . The top , which features a single flash bulb also features controls and display for automatic or manual flash settings . The unit is also equipped with a 2.4Ghz wireless transmitting  system which can connect with other Godox flashes for an extra fill or backlight . Although Godox markets the A1 as a smartphone speedlight , the creative options and the small size will definitely make this appealing to even seasoned flash photographers who might consider using this if it can sync with their current X1 trigger systems . Godox is yet to announce pricing and availability of the unit .

Source - ThePhotographyblogger

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