Friday, August 4, 2017

iPhone 8 (7s) may feature 4K @60fps recording

Rumors about Apple's next iPhone are all around the interwebs these days , the phone , which is expected to bring a massive change to current iPhone design doctrine with some rumors speculating a minor camera placement change and some going as far to state a full "edge" type display with no home button are probably left to be seen , but the more believable rumors predict the next iPhone to shoot 4K at 60fps - a major upgrade over the 30fps available on the current model .

Eagle eye leakers , who managed to spot a single line of code listing the frame rate also found out that this is for the front camera , but like most rumors and beta firmware leaks , this resolution is probably for the main shooter , unless Apple is really serious about making its front camera equally good as the rear one (which is also possible as Apple is rumored to bring facial recognition to the next iPhone ) Overall adding 4K @60fps will give the next iPhone an edge over the competition and be en par with most modern action and mirrorless cameras which also shoot at that frame rate . The 4K 60fps is expected to be recorded in HEVC format .

source - GSMarena

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