Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Zenit may have plans for a full frame Mirrorless camera

via Rostec.Ru

If you know your cameras , then you may have heard of Zenit - a camera company from Soviet Russia which won hearts and minds of photographers even after the collapse of the Soviet union \.But like most communist era consumer equipment manufacturers , Zenit, basically disappeared overtime ,leaving behind only some  M42 mount lenses on eBay (most being priced at the cost of a decent Buffet meal) .

But now (recently) Zenit has once again resurrected itself into the camera stage with the release of the Zenitar 50mm f0.95  , Zenitar 50mm f 1.2 and Zenitar 85mm f1.2 in 2016 and now is apparently dreaming on going big once again with their own Mirrorless Full frame camera .

Speaking to to Moscow Region Radio 1 ,Igor Sergeyev (Deputy Director General for Civilian Production and Consumer Goods,Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant)  Spoke of the full frame camera featuring "characteristic contours, ergonomics, [and] camera lines." with luxury metal and leather accents . The camera , which is rumored to feature components from a "leading camera manufacturer" might be a hint that this might feature a sensor from (ahem ..Sony) or atleast provide some sensor tehnology to them . The camera is also said to be priced only a bit higher than a high end flagship smartphone , so we expect it to be in the $1500-2000 segment which is only occupied by the Sony A7 and A7II models at the moment . Although a time-frame , specs and other details were not spoken of during the interview , we can speculate that if launched , the Zenit mirrorless camera might possibly bring back some M42 lens capability (An EF mount is also possible , but take this with a grain of salt) .

Stay tuned for more details soon ..

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - dpreview , Rns

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