Sunday, November 5, 2017

Panasonic G9 to be announced at a special event on the 6th and 8th of November

Panasonic really hit a home run with their GH5 ,  the camera , praised highly for its video capabilities and ergonomics has so far received positive reviews from customers and reviewers alike . Although the GH5 was set up from day 1 to shoot high quality video on its Micro 4/3 sensor , the camera is still quite a capable device in capturing stills, and this , combined with the launch of several high resolution stills cameras from rival manufacturers,  prompted Panasonic to respond in kind with the not yet announced - Panasonic G9 ! - A Micro 4/3 camera set up as a high resolution stills camera .

Details about the Panasonic G9 surfaced on several websites during the past week , although the full specs were not leaked  , the info that did does point to a camera that is probably class leading as it combines some of the best features from the GH5 and the EM1 ii into a body that is said to be "professional" in every way (Rumors also say that the camera will have a top mounted LCD display to quickly view your setting on) .

The camera , which is said to pack the same 20.3 MP IBIS stabilized sensor as the GH5 is also said to have its AA filter removed in order to achieve more sharpness, this , combined with the fact that the G9 can shoot a composite image of 80MP will surely make this a good choice for landscape and architecture photographers who want a smaller , lighter system for travel .

As for video work , the G9 will surely inherit some of the awesome 4k abilities including 60fps , the camera however will not feature 6K video as its video centric brother , but instead , the camera is said to have 6k Photo snapping ability . The camera is also said to feature dual SD card slots and an extremely large buffer - perfect for outdoor / sports and wildlife shooters who may need multiple copies of the perfect moment  .

The rest of the features (OLED viewfinder , the joystick for AF selection is also said to be available on the new camera .

Panasonic is now rumored to announce their G9 in a few days - either on the 6th and 8th of November 2017 . The body may follow a similar or slightly higher price than the GH5 and therefore the camera may sit in the $2400 price bracket once it is officially launched .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source(s) - 43rumors,mirrorlessrumors

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