Saturday, August 12, 2017

DJI Phantom 3 SE

DJI has officially announced its latest entry level Phantom line drone , the unit , called the Phantom 3 SE brings 4K@30fps video recording and 12MP stills (1/2.3" sensor) along with a 94 degree field of view . The drone ,which has a 2.5 miles video transmission range is much better than the previous Phantom 3 products , and this , combined with its vision transmission system for controlled flight in satellite dead-zones . The unit also features a fly-back home feature when battery power goes low .

The DJI Phantom 3 SE is available for $600

Source - dpreview , Dji

Leaked Nikon D850 slides confirm specs , Camera to be officialy announced on the 16th of August

Final production features of the Nikon D850 are officially leaked . The camera , which was previously rumored to feature Sony's excellent 46MP FX sensor and the D5's focusing system are now all confirmed thanks to some presentation slides leaked from China . The slides are listed as follows . (via Nikon Rumors)  You can also check out all the leaked slideshow images here and here

The large pentaprism bulge features a  massive optic+prism for  0.75x magnification instead of a hybrid viewfinder as rumored by many .

- 45.75MP
- 9 fps * MB-D18 + EN-EN18a (7fps without)
- 8K timelapse
- 4K movie UHD
- ISO 64-25600 (32 - 108,400 with boost)
- 3.2" 2.36M vari-angle touch screen
- 153 AF system via D5 (center 1 point -4EV AF, all other points -3EV)
- 45M quiet shooting mode (30 fps I 8mp - DX mode electronic shutter or 6fps FX AE/AF fixed)
- 0.75x OVF magnification
- 180,000 RGB sensor
- 3.2" Vari- Angle 2.359M dot touch screen display
- Built in image stacking
- Expeed 5 image processor
- Dual card slots - 1 SD and 1 XQD

Friday, August 4, 2017

iPhone 8 (7s) may feature 4K @60fps recording

Rumors about Apple's next iPhone are all around the interwebs these days , the phone , which is expected to bring a massive change to current iPhone design doctrine with some rumors speculating a minor camera placement change and some going as far to state a full "edge" type display with no home button are probably left to be seen , but the more believable rumors predict the next iPhone to shoot 4K at 60fps - a major upgrade over the 30fps available on the current model .

Eagle eye leakers , who managed to spot a single line of code listing the frame rate also found out that this is for the front camera , but like most rumors and beta firmware leaks , this resolution is probably for the main shooter , unless Apple is really serious about making its front camera equally good as the rear one (which is also possible as Apple is rumored to bring facial recognition to the next iPhone ) Overall adding 4K @60fps will give the next iPhone an edge over the competition and be en par with most modern action and mirrorless cameras which also shoot at that frame rate . The 4K 60fps is expected to be recorded in HEVC format .

source - GSMarena

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Godox A1 - speedlight pour votre smartphone

Godox - a company that has built a solid reputation for providing value for money lighting equipment has introduced a new product for smartphone photographers - a speedlight+beauty lamp for your phone ! Say hello to the Godox A1 , the unit , designed to provide a pocket flash option (similar to how the AD200 started to make waves in the photographic community ) to smartphone owners who are limited by the mediocre flash available on smartphones .  The units specs , which at the time has still not been released , is expected to  connect via Bluetooth  low energy and possibly work through  its own Apple and Android Godox client app (with manual controls including exposure settings) or possibly through third party apps (adobe lightroom maybe?) as the native camera app may not feature controls for manual  settings in iOS and some Android phones .

The unit , which contains 3 LED's will also function as a lamp and sits at the bottom end of the two light system . The top , which features a single flash bulb also features controls and display for automatic or manual flash settings . The unit is also equipped with a 2.4Ghz wireless transmitting  system which can connect with other Godox flashes for an extra fill or backlight . Although Godox markets the A1 as a smartphone speedlight , the creative options and the small size will definitely make this appealing to even seasoned flash photographers who might consider using this if it can sync with their current X1 trigger systems . Godox is yet to announce pricing and availability of the unit .

Source - ThePhotographyblogger

Friday, July 28, 2017

Meizu Pro 7 Plus & Meizu Pro 7

Meizu has officially announced its Pro 7 Plus flagship smartphone for 2017 . The phone , which breaks the typical smartphone design trend by featuring a second rear facing display (Similar to Russian Yotaphone ) is also bringing in Dual cameras into Meizu's smartphone cv . The phone , based on the 10 core Mediatek Helio X30 (2.6Ghz - dual Cortex A73 cores , 4 A53 cores and 4 A35 cores for low power) chipset and 6GB of ram is certainly up there in the raw horsepower department and combined with the 64 or 128GB storage options is also quite well spec'd in that department as well  .

The phone , like most smartphones with dual cameras , use Sony's IMX368 1/2.9" sensors with one Bayer RGB panel and one without it for monochrome detail (similar to Huawei's P10) . The dual 12 MP sensors have a 1.25 micro meter pixel size  and feature phase detection AF and F.2 aperture . The front features a 16MP shooter

The displays on the Plus model is certainly the biggest attention grabber on this unit . The front features a 5.7" QHD (2560x1440p) AMOLED display and a smaller OLED panel at the back which can be used for information like weather and music information . This is however not available as a full color display and therefore only works as a monochrome display unit (similar to Yota) The phone will have a Cirrus logic CS43130 audio amp for 32bit audio processing  and a 3500 mAh battery with quick charging (mcharge 3)

As for Availability , the company says the phone is currently set to retail in China and possibly in some others in the region . The company will also have a lower tier Meizu Pro 7 model with a 5.2" 1080p display and a 3000 mAh battery and a slower Helio P25 processor .

source - androidauthority

Motorola to launch $99 dash cam

Whether you like it or not , car accidents do happen . But in a dog -eat - dog world  ,having a recorded session of your journey would be a lifesaver, and as a result, more and more companies are venturing into this market. Motorola has kept quite a long cv in making communications gear , cameras, consumer products , and automation gear is now setting their sights on dash cameras .(eventhough the Motorola brand name is owned by multiple companies now)

Designed by Binatone , a British company which bought Motorola accessories in 2015 basically carries the Motorola name on their product and even has some design elements carried on by Motorola smartphone products . The camera ,which is said to feature a wide angle lens with 1080p recording will be sufficent for most dash cam situations and it features a micro SD for storage . The unit features a 4" 480x854 resolution LCD which would also have the ability to sync with a reverse camera if its available . The pricing for this unit is said to be $99 and the Motorola dash cam is expected to launch soon in the U.S and Europe .

Source -Gsmarena

AMD Ryzen 3 is officiall

AMD has been rocking Intel HQ for a while now , the processors , which undercut the high price monopoly enjoyed by Intel for similar performance is now set to get even better with the announcement of the Ryzen 3 series which is technically the arch nemesis of the Intel Core i3 series  .

As we said earlier , the Ryzen series is basically designed to give intel a run for their money and put AMD back on the map . For many years , Intel's Core iX series remained unchallenged ,but now with the Ryzen 7 and the whole advantage was simply lost overnight (which eventually prompted Intel to announce their Extreme Core i9 series ) . The Ryzen 5 , which challenges the i5 series was also received well and cost much less than their intel counterparts , and now we have the entry level Ryzen 3 - which is technically a Core i3 killer.!

The Ryzen 3 - which comes in two variants  - 1200 and 1300X models , both models come at affordable prices starting at $109 for the 1200 and $129 for the 1300X . The 1200 model features a Quad core  4 thread layout and has a base of 3.1 Ghz and 3.4Ghz on boost , TDP of this chip is 65W

The 1300X on the other hand features a quad core design with 4 threads as well , but has a base clock speed of 3.5Ghz and 3.7Ghz on Boost (or 3.9Ghz on aftermarket cooling) . This chip too has a 65W TDP

Both chips support overclocking which is superb considering that the other side of the fence only has one model with the similar facility . The overclocking feature is supported on a B350 motherboard  and if you don't want to overclock , any of the following motherboards are pin compatible - X370, B350 and A320

So who is this chip for ? well for starters , the chip is cheaper at outright cost and therefore this would mean that this is suited for the budget conscious gamer or a general user who wants to save a few hundered bucks . The chip ,unlike its intel counterparts , will need some form of an external GPU (not that any "serious" gamer uses onboard graphics anyway) to take full advantage of the affordable  powerhouse that is the Ryzen 3 .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
Sources - Gsmarena

iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are officially discontinued

Apple has officially discontinued the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle today , the move , which may upset a few remaining fans of the two iconic music players would now probably have to move up to the iPod touch as it has now doubled in storage (32GB and 64GB instead of 16/32 options early) or a proper smartphone as music seems to be heading into the world of live streaming and online downloads rather than plug and sync .

Apple first announced their iPod in 2001 , this is a symbolic event for Apple as it signaled the move from being a  PC manufacturer to a consumer electronics . At the time , MP3's were still a relatively new format and people did still use Walkman devices for portable music . The iPod changed all that , and offered a 5GB option which can hold 1000 songs in your pocket - This basically put Apple on the map ! literally ! .

With successful hit after hit , the company soared in profit as the iPod continued to be the Walkman of the 21'st century . The iPod eventually took on the title "Classis" and continued to be a hard disk only model until its eventual discontinuation in 2014 , During this time , Apple also unveiled the iPod Mini - a lineup of smaller capacity and portable models which were quickly discontinued in two years time as it paved the way for the Nano - a device which can literally fit into that small pocket found above the right pocket in Jeans  And the shuffle .

Probably the most recognizable iPod Nano yet - iPod Nano 5th gen

The iPod Nano was an instant hit , it was affordable , came in "hip" colors and had all the things the millennials wanted at the time  . And by 2007 , it had video playback and in 2008 it even came with a camera - a feature which at the time was all the rave as YouTube and facebook were still in their infancy . During this time , Microsoft decided to jump onboard the media player ship with their Zune (only to eventually give up a few years later) . The shuffle meanwhile created even more sales as it was basically the cheapest Apple consumer device for many . The shuffle had no screen and instead relied on a scroll pad (and even went "buttonless" in 2009 ) the thing was an instant hit , and like the shuffle it came in many colors and many design variants with changes in almost every life cycle But this rapid success was soon its downfall as the iPod lineup was suddenly attacked from forces within - the iPhone .
iPod Nano 7th+ gen

Whether you like it or not , the announcement of the iPhone signaled a new beginning for smartphones , these devices , which were usually bulky and had very little to do with entertainment suddenly became the "all you want" device - replacing both the use of PDA's , small computers and the iconic flip style phone in favor of a monolithic touchscreen candybar . This device in a rather strange twist also had a demon spawn called the iPod touch  - a device which brought features of an iPhone to a lower price bracket - basically a iPhone without the phone , this was also another blow to the "dumber" iPods as they lacked the games , touch interface , browsing , messaging and other apps found on the iOS powered iPod Touch . So basically , the Shuffle and the Nano's days were numbered from that day on . The iPod Classis - the successor and the last heir to the iPod legacy was axed off in 2014 with favor given to the iPod Touch . And now , after no proper updates , the rest of the "Non - iOS " devices are to be sent to the axe as well .
iPod Shuffle 4+ gen

Farewell iPod Touch and iPod Nano , although you are no more , the legacy you leave behind will always remain .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - GSMarena

Sony's upcoming Full Frame CineAlta camera teased in press release

Sony has apparently released their "development plans" for their 35mm 36x24mm CineAlta camera . The camera , which would depart from the traditional Cinema standard of Super 35 (APS-H) sensor size is expected to give a better depth of field and more room for crop in post . Although Sony has video centric cameras with 35mm sensors - A7S series . This is the first time that their cinema lineup is set to receive this treatment .

So what's in it then ? Well the Statement says that the custom Cinema FF sensor will have the following Aspect ratio-agnostic – including Full Frame, Super35 4K 4-perf 4:3 Anamorphic and 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9 . This is good news as the adaptability would greatly enhance Sony's position even further . The statement also said that their current workflow will remain in Sony’s 16bit RAW/X-OCN and XAVC for RAW video and it supports Cinealta accessories such as the DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED Viewfinder, AXS-R7 recorder, AXS-CR1 and AR1 card reader, AXS and SxS memory cards (Of which some are to be released)

So when will Sony Announce this beast of a Cinema camera? According to our previous leak it would be somewhere in the first or second quarter of 2018 (The Cinealta press article did not mention any launch date though).

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
Source - dpreview
Sony press article via - Blog.Sony

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nikon 850 gets leaked ......does the top feature a hybrid EVF?

Obtained by NikonRumors , these two leaked press images give us the first look into what the Nikon D850 actually looks like .

TL:DR - Nikon D850 has a larger penta-prism buldge on top , and it no longer features a pop up flash . The bulge will feature connectivity options (Wifi ? Bluetooth and NFC? GPS?) rather than a hybrid EVF(as rumored by many) as locking up the mirror for on sensor detection is still in its infancy ) . Nikon will implement this technology in the future once the tech improves and costs drop down  , but by that time they will just feature a Mirrorless lineup as well.

Although the new D850 shares the same DNA as its predecessor ,The first leaked images show us that the buttons are now illuminated , this is great for all those "Astrographers" who struggle with finding which is which on the 810 series as backlighting was left out . There is also a tiltable touch screen display and will certainly benefit all those who shoot like to shoot in odd angles . The top LCD is still lit with a green light , but the biggest change is said to be in the design where eagle-eyed viewers spotted an anomaly on the top plate design where the prism is located in . Unlike the D810 , which has room allocated for a pop up flash , the D850 features a fixed bulge(with no built in flash) which some say features a hybrid EVF system .

So is this true ? . Well for starters the only practical way of adding both a mirror and a EVF is to implement it a way similar to Sony's SLT technology . the older SLR technology - which reflects the light to a focusing screen and then to a pentaprism may use a EVF fixed to its pentaprism , but in order to activate it , the mirror mechanism will have to life up , giving the main sensor priority to focus and lock on ( basically liveview "Priority" ) . The effectiveness of the EVF therefore will highly depend on the performance of the sensor's ability to autofocus in live-view , and if they feature a phase detection technology on the 42mp sensor , it is quite possible to reach Sony A7RII levels of autofocus while using the EVF .

This will be a hit or miss feature which would highly depend on Nikon's ability to configure its sensor , currently hybrid systems use a semi-translucent mirror or a rangerfinder  OVF + Evf mechanisms which would not work with the traditional DSLR design , the technology is quite possible , and we might see it in the future , but considering that ON-CHIP phase detection is still in its infancy (except for the Sony A9) , adding a half baked technology to a mainline pro-DSLR right now would possibly bring some negative reviews on the D850 (with many encouraging the traditional OVF + Mirror setup) and therefore Nikon might not bite the bullet just yet .We do expect Nikon to release some sort of a hybrid tech once the technology matures enough (and becomes affordable enough to fit into a sub ~4000 DSLR body , and hopefully , by then Nikon would have their rumored Mirrorless body as well .

So what will we see in that bulge ? well the connectivity sensor array - WIFI (for snapbridge) ,Bluetooth  along with GPS and/or NFC might be present there as it will not interfere with other units magnetic fields present in the camera body (similar to the 5D Mk4) .

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Source - Nikonrumors

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nikon's 100 year anouncements so far

Apart from some pre-announced Nikon anniversary goodies , the company released a few subtle announcements surrounding its 100 year anniversary . The company which started as an alliance between Three optical companies in Japan under the name we now call Nikon .

The alliance , which consisted of Nippon Kōgaku Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha went on to be one of the largest optical equipment manufacturers in the world with products ranging from spotting equipment to high precision microscopes. During the time of WW1, the company provided Imperial Japan's need for superior spotting optics as the Great war restricted Germany's ability to provide them (They were enemies during this war however) .Although Nikon's primary market was for the Japanese military , they did make lenses which were adopted by another Japanese camera company called Canon ,since Canon had no optical division , all camera lenses for their Leica inspired designs were provided by Nikon until the Second world war ,this war, which caused huge devastation to Japan and destroyed most of Canon's infrastructure as their production plants were destroyed by Allied bombing raids. After the second world war , the two companies decided to go down their own paths with Nikon now producing their own camera bodies for their Nikko lenses .The company over the last 100 years went on to produce cameras which explored the depths of space , war-zones , protests and civil functions all over the world .And now as we are in the exact date of Nikon's Birthday , the company has released the following .

Official press release /Presidents message

Nikon Corporation (Kazuo Ushida, President, Tokyo) was established in 1917 (as Nippon Kogaku K.K.). Since then, we have been creating unique value all over the world by providing consumer and industrial optical equipment, including lithography systems and microscopes as well as cameras, based on opto-electronics and precision technologies.
Today, Nikon celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding.
We deeply express our sincere gratitude to all of our stakeholders who have faithfully supported our development that met the needs of the last 100 years.
Over these 100 years, Nikon has contributed to industries and people's quality of life with its state-of-the-art technologies during each era. We were able to successfully focus on and overcome continuous challenges because we were fully supported and trusted by our stakeholders.
In order for people to create progress toward a prosperous future over the next 100 years, Nikon will continue to contribute to the world.

Nikon President's message

Today, Nikon celebrates the 100th anniversary of its establishment. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of our customers who use our products in their everyday lives, and the stakeholders who have supported our businesses, from the bottom of my heart.
For the past 100 years, consumer demand has called for convenient products that enhance daily life, and Nikon answered with its manufacturing skill and knowledge. However, society and consumer needs are rapidly changing today. We would like to effectively respond to these needs with the world's highest-class opto-electronics, precision technologies and solutions.
The difference from our past strategies is that we will offer not only products, but also ideas and solutions as well. Nikon will be reborn as a solution company providing superior technologies and ideas, holding “light” as our core competency.
Following our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity”, we hold a new vision of building the foundations of the next 100 years.
We ask for your continued support as we move forward.

Representative Director Kazuo Ushida

Nikon D850 ...sort of ..

Nikon has officially announced their plans for the upcoming D850 DSLR . The camera , which wasn't officially announced ,was however released as a press article with focus on "teaser" features including the ability for super - low light image capture and 8K timelapse .

Link to main article

Nikon's Cloud 9 music video...

We are really at a loss to explain this one ...well if you are a fan of Japanese pop auto-tune music with rainbows and candy graphics in a Wizard of Oz theme, then this is the music video for you!.

A few professional videos ...

Via - nikonrumors

Firmware updates

According to Nikonrumors , the Nikon D600 , D610 ,D750 and Keymission 80 are now said to receive new software updates which would bring several goodies (listed as follows)

D600 “C” Firmware Version 1.03

• Added support for the following features of AF-P lenses:
- If the standby timer expires after the camera has focused, the focus position will not change when the timer is reactivated.
- In manual focus mode, the focus indicator in the viewfinder (or in live view, the focus point selected in the monitor) will flash to show that infinity or the minimum focus distance has been reached by rotating the focus ring.
• Added support for AF-P DX lenses.
• Fixed the following issues:
- Optimal exposure would sometimes not be achieved in photos taken in live view using a lens with electromagnetically controlled aperture (type E lenses).
- When used to take pictures after an option was selected for Custom Setting d10 (Exposure delay mode) in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU, Camera Control Pro 2 would sometimes display the error “The camera was not able to take a picture.” despite having actually taken the picture.

D610 “C” Firmware Version 1.02

• Added support for the following features of AF-P lenses:
- If the standby timer expires after the camera has focused, the focus position will not change when the timer is reactivated.
- In manual focus mode, the focus indicator in the viewfinder (or in live view, the focus point selected in the monitor) will flash to show that infinity or the minimum focus distance has been reached by rotating the focus ring.
• Added support for AF-P DX lenses.
• Fixed the following issues:
- Optimal exposure would sometimes not be achieved in photos taken in live view using a lens with electromagnetically controlled aperture (type E lenses).
- When used to take pictures after an option was selected for Custom Setting d10 (Exposure delay mode) in the CUSTOM SETTING MENU, Camera Control Pro 2 would sometimes display the error “The camera was not able to take a picture.” despite having actually taken the picture.

D750 “C” Firmware Version 1.12

• Added support for the following features of AF-P lenses:
 - If the standby timer expires after the camera has focused, the focus position will not change when the timer is reactivated.
 - In manual focus mode, the focus indicator in the viewfinder (or in live view, the focus point selected in the monitor) will flash to show that infinity or the minimum focus distance has been reached by rotating the focus ring.
• Fixed the following issues:
 - When pictures were viewed after shooting with Overflow selected for Role played by card in Slot 2 in the PHOTO SHOOTING MENU, the camera would sometimes display the second-last picture taken.
 - Microphone sensitivity would sometimes not be correctly adjusted when movies were recorded with Auto sensitivity > Microphone sensitivity.

KeyMission 80 Firmware Version 1.2

• Improved an issue that interfered with pairing or resulted in unreliable connections when the camera was used with the Android edition of the SnapBridge app.

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source - nikonrumors

Moto Z2 Force Edition

Motorola has officially launched their latest flagship spec smartphone - The Motorola Z2 Force .


Following its predecessor , the new Z2 features the ability to attach external speakers and camera modules to its shell . The phone , which features a design similar to its predscessor , now features a 7000 series aluminum unibody with a shatter resistant display up front . The phone sadly does not feature a headphone jack and it features a USB type c for audio and charging . The phone is also water repellent .


Designed to work both as a stand alone unit and a battery+Brains for the Moto mods accessories , the internals of the phone are en par with modern smartphones of today . The  display , which features a P-OLED (A plastic hybrid display with a Super AMOLED display panel ) of 5.5" with a resolution of 2560x1440p . The inner guts of the phone include a 2.35Ghz Snapdragon 835 Cpu , Adreno 540 graphics and 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with the option to upgrade to an extra 256GB via microSD .

Camera details include a dual (Sony IMX130) camera system where both sensors feature a sensor size of 1.29" with a pixel size of 1.25 micrometers , the dual 12 MP units feature a zero lag electronic shutter and a phase detection autofocus system . The camera modules also feature a laser autofocus assist sensor and a 2 tone flash for color mixing . The video features on the main camera include the option of 4k @30fps . The front sensor is said to feature a 5MP unit at f2.2 and has its own dual led flash

On the battery side , we have a quick-charge supported 2730 mAh battery , a unit which would also power the external accessories if mounted .


Motorola has officially announced a new 360 camera to go with the phone . The unit , which snaps on to the back will give the phone a dual 4K recording capability in 360 and record 3D sound . Moto also released a new gamepad accessory which fixes to the phone the same way .

The first gen Moto mods - a series of rear case style accessories launched last year for the previous moto z force are also said to be pin compatible with the new model , therefore you can use any of the pico style projector , external camera or speaker attachments on the newer model - without the hassle of buying  a new set with the new phone

The processing and battery (in most "cases")  will come from the phone , and considering that it runs on Android 7.1 battery life will be quite good .


International pricing for the phone is not revealed just yet , but estimates point to a $800 phone . The U.S however has carrier plans for the unit and the Moto Z2 Force is available on all leading carriers . And if you were wondering about the extra 360 camera case , then that will be another $299 on top of the phone's cost .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source -Blog.Motorola